• Reinventing Continuously Variable Transmissions

Welcome to the Advanced Transmission Systems Holdings website. We are currently preparing a more substantial version that will be published online soon. More detailed information on our technology development in cycling is available on the website of our wholly owned subsidiary Treadlie Engineering Pty Ltd.

Company Overview

Advanced Transmission Systems Holdings (ATSH) has developed a novel Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) suitable for integration into a range of technologies in a number of industries including the mobile equipment, automotive, and industrial sectors.


The company’s current focus is on bicycles and electric pedal assisted cycles (EPACs). It will expand its technological and business development activities into other sectors in due course. Initial scoping has highlighted light electric vehicles and generators as potential applications that may be particularly susceptible to the company CVT’s competitive advantage.

Value Proposition

The Company’s CVT has a distinctly narrow operational width that does not vary with changes in gear ratio and remains constant even at very large gear ranges. The fixed and narrow CVT width permits the use on bicycles and EPACs and opens up similar opportunities in a wide range of other applications.

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